Design made in Italy

Valves production

Precision manufacturing
entrusted to automation,
cutting-edge technologies
and strict quality controls.

All numerically controlled with robots and automatic loaders

Robor _

The entire production cycle is carried out internally in Robor: after the design of the specific piece, all the necessary machines and equipment are prepared, customized or made from scratch or supplied by the customer, to start production. The technical office collaborates with the mechanical sector for the preparation of all the work, starting with the processing of the raw materials selected for the production of valves.

Know-how made in italy.
The production process, top quality results.

After an accurate design and preparation work, the production cycle is entrusted to an automation process carried out by the latest generation units with 5-axis machining and cutting-edge technologies, under the constant control of the human operator, who supervises and all phases to ensure maximum precision in Robor’s fields of specialization: valve production and, in general, the care and implementation of technical solutions capable of guaranteeing the best performance in an increasingly competitive sector. The synergistic collaboration between production departments and with technicians means that processes can be constantly reviewed to optimize results.

At the heart of the production system is the well-stocked and complete tooling: Robor considers it essential to have all the resources and equipment in-house to keep the production department in perfect working order and to be able to provide as much as possible the maintenance of tools, components and machines that they are used in the various processes, oriented to the production of valves and more. The tooling, at the service of all departments, allows us to guarantee solutions to every need and to plan constant and punctual production.

Valve production, Robor,  Italy
Non-ferrous metals and lead-free alloys processing, Robor
Valve production, Robor,  Italy
Valve production, Robor,  Italy

The production department is the heart of Robor, a company that has chosen to specialize in valve production to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market in improving the performance of small and large plants and in the choice of materials. The collaboration between the departments and with the Robor technical office allows you to optimize all the processes in the company, because with the design all the equipment and machinery that must be refined by Robor or acquired by the customer are also defined, before passing in practice to the realization of the missing tools and to the production phase of the requested piece. Technology is a fundamental resource in the valve production phase, in which multiple units with 5-axis machining take part, constantly monitored by control systems and by the presence of an operator who supervises the machining and is in constant synergy with the other departments. The presence of internal tools is important, with a complete supply of all the components and tools needed to keep the machinery and the various departments running. All machines are subjected to internal maintenance, under the coordination of the foreman mechanics, to ensure continuity and efficiency in real time.