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EXPERIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AT THE SERVICE OF THE PROJECT  Robor Srl was founded in the 1960s in the province of Brescia as a family business and, with over 50 years of history and evolution behind it, is now specialized in processing lead-free alloys and production of articles and accessories in the plumbing and heating sector. From the design phase to 360-degree logistics: thanks to the deep know-how developed in over half a century of history and the use of the best technologies for the production and control of each phase that is carried out in the company, Robor is now a reality international able to manage the entire realization process on behalf of the customer, from the study of the idea to its development, up to the planning of orders during the year. All this is possible thanks to a control system with maximum efficiency and quality, which also recalls the certifications held by Robor for over 10 years: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 seal the guarantee mark that is represented all over the world by work and from Made in Italy creations.

  • Brass and related parts
  • Valves
  • Fittings for heating
  • Special fittings
  • We satisfy the customer’s request

Production is the beating heart of Robor’s activity: the entire cycle of manufacturing parts and processes is carried out within the company, preparing specific equipment and machinery and taking care of each stage of production, to deliver to the customer a product of the utmost quality and able to satisfy all your expectations and needs. Thanks to a close collaboration between the departments and to a tooling that is maintained with a constant and complete supply of all the components necessary for the various sectors, the production can fulfill every request in the field of lead-free alloy processing and plumbing with maximum efficiency.

Customer projects are entrusted to the professionalism of the designers of the technical office, who verify their feasibility and, through the use of CAD-CAM design systems, develop a proposal which, once approved and defined, can then be concretely realized. successfully in the production and processing of lead-free alloys. Thanks to the experience of Robor and all the operators involved in the processes, it is possible to offer concrete solutions to real needs related to precision technical processing or to the production of fittings for heating or valves.

From packaging to shipping: Robor takes care of the entire logistics process, from the packaging of all the products that result from the processing of lead-free alloys to delivery to the customer, through procedures consolidated by years of experience and a continuous control system to ensure maximum satisfaction and punctuality. The collaboration with the customer and the planning that is decided with a strategy of mutual agreement are fundamental: to make shipments more efficient, for some international companies Robor takes care of production and logistic planning in its entirety, scheduling supplies according to annual plans.