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Using the best technologies and CAD-CAM design systems, Robor’s expert designers welcome the customer’s ideas and aim to transform the best solutions into reality to achieve them. Starting from the need for lead-free brass processing that must be satisfied, every aspect of the project is examined to provide a high quality proposal that can be implemented on the production front.

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Each project is born from an idea, which inevitably starts from a need expressed by the customer, to satisfy precision technical processing or non-standard or customized production that requires special attention. Robor’s profound experience in lead-free brass processing and the preparation of the designers in the technical office allow us to study the specific case and seek concrete solutions to a real need. The CAD-CAM design systems and the opportunities offered by technology are a winning support to develop a quality proposal that can become reality in the production site.

In the field of lead-free brass processing, the staff of company technicians works alongside the customer throughout the study and design phase to ascertain the feasibility and satisfy every aspect of the request. The use of CAD-CAM design systems technology makes it possible to evaluate all the specifications that may emerge in a sector of rigor such as that which also includes the production of valves and fittings for heating or special fittings, in compliance with the provisions of the certifications and providing rigorous control systems.

Lead-free brass processing is one of Robor’s main specializations, which for years has been trying to accommodate and satisfy the increasingly frequent demand for materials, such as ecobrass, which are less polluting and have less impact on the planet. Materials are the absolute protagonists of every phase of the design, so that the finished product can best meet the production needs and, at the same time, the ethical choices that increasingly become a starting point for companies.

Lead-free brass processing, Robor, Italy
Lead-free brass processing, Robor, Italy

Robor specializes in lead-free brass processing, an alloy increasingly requested by companies to offer their customers a range of products that do not use polluting elements and materials, that respect the environment more and, like eco-rass, can contribute to a best health on the planet. Starting from the assisted design by its expert technicians with CAD-CAM systems, Robor follows the customer for the realization of solutions for the automotive and precision plumbing sector, including the production of specialized components for heating and the boiler sector. Accuracy, choice of components and materials, possession of the most important quality certifications and a control system over the entire production cycle for lead-free brass processing, allow the company to ensure high standards at national and international level.