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In Robor, the control process is constant thanks to the high automation of all the production phases of the heating fittings and to the annotations made by the operators at various times of the day along the lines. Interventions and machine stops are recorded and monitored in real time on the machine and through the production management system to optimize each phase and be able to intervene in certain ways.

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Carried out thanks to the 4.0 software registrations linked to the machinery circuit and the annotations reported by the operators on the machine, the control in the production sector is constant and carried out in real time. In addition to being a fundamental tool for completing all processing cycles with efficiency and precision, it is essential to meet the stringent needs that characterize the heating fittings sector, in which Robor is specialized and which represents a flagship and a challenge. daily in an area that requires daily attention and ever-improving performance.

The training of specialized operators who at Robor deal with processing and production of fittings for heating is also essential in the context of checks on production cycles. During the year, all Robor staff participate in specific courses and in-depth courses with internal tests and training sessions held by the foremen and the internal technical office: in this way it becomes possible to deal in a timely manner with any situation that may occur. along the lines and improve productivity and control. The courses offered to employees also investigate the use of measurement and control tools, in order to be able to accurately interpret the operation of the machinery.

The data collected in the automation processes are essential to carry out checks on the production of fittings for heating and other products. The operator fills in the card on the machine, recording the interventions carried out, the machine stops or not having carried out any particular action. The use of 4.0 machinery allows a lot of data to be recorded automatically and in real time, with less and less frequent use of paper.

Heating fittings, Robor, Italy
Heating fittings, Robor, Italy

The control phase in Robor is essential to make corrections to processes in real time and to ensure that each process is optimized according to the customer’s requests, to meet increasingly stringent needs related to this economic area. Robor has chosen to specialize in heating fittings and production linked to this sector, highly competitive and linked to important performances: for a company that deals with such specialized processes as Robor it is essential to rely on strict control procedures, so as to be able to intervene in a timely and concrete way in solving problems and correcting processes even during the production cycle. The recording of all production data by highly evolved machinery and 4.0 technology joins the exceptional peculiarities of the human control that is still carried out on the lines, making Robor a highly reliable partner for Italian and international companies.