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Fittings for heating

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Logistics, the last stage of product preparation, never starts too early in Robor. The role of packaging is fundamental for heating fittings and for all products, as it is equipped with barcodes and all the information requested by the recipient. After production, the goods are prepared for storage and delivery automatically according to the schedule agreed with the customer, up to a complete programming in which Robor can manage the annual orders autonomously.

Know-how made in italy.
The production process, top quality results.

After the production of the heating fittings, for each piece made by Robor comes the fundamental phase of packaging, with which the item is registered with the specific barcode and with all the indications that are necessary to uniquely identify and manage it. every stage of logistics, according to the customer’s instructions and according to the best conditions for shipping. Today Robor is recognized as an international reality specialized in the processing of metals and lead-free alloys and in particular in the production of heating fittings: in all these areas, every phase of logistics has a fundamental strategic importance, from shipment to delivery to the customer for the end use. Quality plays a leading role and is concretized thanks to the procedures that have now become part of the daily work in the company and also established in the context of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications obtained by Robor for over 10 years. Any storage of items produced at Robor takes place within the company warehouse, where the timely registration of incoming and outgoing materials is closely linked to the control procedures and the need to manage each supply promptly and professionally. Robor, thanks to its experience gained in over 50 years of history, is able to automatically schedule shipments, upon agreement with the customer, to improve the efficiency of all processes related to cyclical production throughout the year. For some large international companies, the company is already fully involved in the planning of production and the management of orders and the annual logistics of items related to the plumbing and heating sector, starting with fittings for heating. The 4.0 automation of a large part of the production sector of the company, the tested and certified procedures, the vast experience in the sector, allow Robor to offer customers an impeccable logistics service, to manage complex and recurring orders of fittings for heating or for specialized productions that can reach their destination in complete safety.