Industry 4.0 Certificates

An advance
technology guarantees
synergy between
he various processes

For over 50 years
Robor produces with
passion and professionalism
in the sanitary sector_
Non-ferrous metals and lead-free alloys processing, Robor


For over fifty years, Robor of Brescia, specialized in non-ferrous metal processing and items for the plumbing and heating sector, has been producing with passion and professionalism in high-precision areas. Thanks to modern technologies, design systems and the collaboration of expert designers, in recent years the company has increased the quantity and quality of its products, becoming a reference point for Italian and international customers.


Thanks to the use of modern technologies and CAD-CAM design systems, as well as the collaboration of the expert designers of its technical office, the company over the last few years has consolidated all the quality procedures in non-ferrous metal processing and in the production of technical products for the thermo-sanitary market, also through the implementation of the control chain from the line to the logistics, up to the final delivery operations.

All numerically
controlled with robots
and automatic loaders

guarantees synergy
between the various
production processes.

Design made in Italy

Make unique
your environment.

Robor _

With certified procedures and experience resulting from over fifty years of history, Robor deals with non-ferrous metal processing by providing a deep know-how in this particular sector and specialized machinery. Customers can find in the company a reference partner capable of managing the production at 360 degrees on their behalf: from the design of the specific piece at the technical office, up to the logistics to send it to the final destination, all order management uses the best technologies and the strictest control procedures for non-ferrous metal processing of the highest quality. Italian and international customers have relied on Robor to manage entire manufacturing processes on their behalf, from the preliminary study to the final project, to then carry on the development and in some cases plan the recurring orders during the year, proving the capacity of the company. ‘company to devise and organize all non-ferrous metal processing procedures and related activities.

made in Italy
for over 50 years

For over 50 years Robor di Brescia has been an important point of reference for Italian and international companies in the processing of non-ferrous metals and in many technical productions related to the plumbing and heating sector. With stringent controls on all production and quality procedures that have earned it the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, the company deals with extreme professionalism all the processes needed to obtain maximum results in non-ferrous metal processing, from design to the on-line realization, to arrive in perfect synergy in all the phases needed to get the order to its destination, with specific attention to logistics. Robor has always believed in technology as an indispensable means when designing for non-ferrous metal processing or along the entire line to develop activities and instill precision in all the work, but has also paid very important attention to the human factor, because creativity and experience can be totally at the service of the client’s project.